Akothee explains why she will not attend her sister’s wedding

Akothee has spoken up about the tension in her family, particularly with her younger sister Cebbie Nyasego.

The mother of five, who appeared agitated in the social media video, started by explaining why she won’t be going to her sister’s planned December wedding.

Akothee claims that she and her sister have not been on speaking terms for about a year owing to a variety of factors.

“We are having another event in December which I am also happy about. I am so happy. From the bottom of my heart, I mean well. The only thing is I was not going to go to that wedding anyway because me and my younger sister have not been in good terms for close to a year now, maybe you do not know. I haven’t said she is evil but I packed my bags out of that relationship.

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“I battled depression for almost six months and I almost lost it so I did not want to see myself in that situation,” she said. When I was cutting off the people who I felt no, and I thought maybe I’m the toxic one and because of this I packed my bags and left,” she wrote.

The Akothee Foundation founder went on to explain that since her sister was exposed online for bad-mouthing her, their relationship has never been the same with her fans dragging her younger sister who in turn blames the singer for not defending her against the bullies.

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“Again, another message landed on my table that my sister said that I don’t defend her when you people are attacking her. Please, I am human, I don’t know how I’m supposed to defend my young sister. She is the one who was gossiping me somewhere for reasons I don’t know then this thing went viral. This internet will kill me. Please delete those things. She was lying, she accepted she was lying, now delete it, it is not her.

“Today I have asked for forgiveness on her behalf, please leave me alone I beg you. Don’t drag my younger sister on my wall, don’t attack Nelly Oaks, please let these people live their own lives. Please let me live my own life too,” begged Akothee.

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The entertainer went on to plead with her online fans to treasure their family members and make peace in case any misunderstanding arises among them before it escalates.

“I am sorry guys for putting you through this. That is exactly what happened and it didn’t land well. I pray and ask to each and every family that please make peace with your relatives. Stop this drama, you only have one family,” she said.

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