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When Maina Kageni Offered Sanaipei Tande Sh 500K to Have his Baby

Musician Sanaipei Tande recently opened up about reports that popular radio presenter Maina Kageni had offered to give her Sh500K to deliver his baby in 2007.

During the Churchil Show interview, Sanaipei admited explaining that Maina approached her shortly after she joined Radio Africa owned Kiss 100.

Sanaipei Tande said:

“I had just joined Kiss 100. I had not secured my own show yet. He told me at that time that if I ever wanted to work another day in my life I had to give him a child. I was only 21 or 22 years of age, just about begin my career.”

Ms Tande encouraged young girls who are just starting out in their careers not to get involved in relationships that will lead to more burden.

“I had not built myself and that is something I tell young girls until now, if you have not built yourself don’t involve yourself in relationships that will lead you to other responsibilities and you start depending on that man entirely,” she stated.

Adding that:

Every time I post anything on social media, netizens have to tag Maina Kageni in my comment section while constantly pressuring me to give him a baby ooh, give Maina Kageni a baby. In people’s mind because I don’t a lot about my love life they think that I’m available,” she said.

Maina brought up the subject in January 2021 when she went on Classic 105 for an interview, according to Sanaipei.

“Mara ya kwanza hakusema kuna Sh500K, na sasa wasichana wananiambia wewe wacha kuwa mjinga but unfortunately for me money doesn’t not control me,” said Ms Tande.

When Maina Kageni Confessed

Maina stated in January 2021 that he was willing to pay the singer Sh500, 000 per month for child upkeep back in 2007, but Ms Tande declined his offer to have a kid for him.

“She is glowing, so voluptuous anakaa poa, why did you refuse to have my baby? I gave you a proposition in 2007. I was ready to be giving you half a million shillings a month, a house kwanza in Lavington, and anything you wanted. Do you even know my mum had told me that if I get a child she will give me that house of hers in Lavington?,” stated Maina Kageni.

Maina stated in September 2021 that he has always had a crush on Ms Tande and that if given the opportunity, he would like to create a family with her.

Who would you Kiss, date and Marry between; Nadia Mukami, Sanaipei Tande and Tanasha Donna?

With no hesitation Maina replied; “I will marry Sanaipei. I have always crushed on her, I have asked her to have my baby she has refused from kitambo. I will marry her at the drop of a heart anyday. She is my all-time crush and forever”.



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