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Revealing 10 Best Paying Jobs in Kenya without a College Degree

Ten Best Paying Jobs in Kenya without a College Degree  

This is a List of 10 Best Paying Jobs in Kenya without a College Degree. While in school, most of us aspired to get a degree and a well paying job that would sustain them and their families.

However, some of us are not that lucky because we cannot afford a university degree maybe because of insufficient funds, family issues or just unwillingness to pursue higher education.

In the modern world, there are several jobs in Kenya you can do that do not require high education qualifications but have a high pay – depending on how you play your cards.

This is list does not require you to have a godfather to succeed in the mentioned fields. All what is need for you to get the right job and earn decent income is your commitment and dedication.

List of Best Paying Jobs in Kenya that do not Require a Degree

1. Real Estate Broker

Real estate in Kenya is in demand in Kenya and acting as a broker can earn you a lot of money in one month. You can decide to search for underutilized lands and find developers who can develop that area after you agree on your commission for finding land for them. You can also help tenants locate a vacant house that suits their budgets and an affordable rate – and this works. So, instead of staying at home simply because you do not have a college degree, wake up from slumber-land and find something useful to do and earn money.

2. Small Business Owner

Starting a small business is always a good idea if you do not have high education qualifications to compete in the corporate world. you can read this list of 30 Small Business Ideas for women entrepreneurs. After reading the above list on the 30 ideas, you can choose the one that fits you and explore the opportunities and make money in Kenya legally.

3. Plumber

You can earn a lot of money working as a plumber. There is high demand for plumbers because they many people are using products that require their input

4. Acting as a Manager in the Road Transport Industry

This includes the public service vehicles and the trucks used for transporting goods for long distances. You can act as a manager in this industry without a college degree and earn good salary at the end of the month – its all about trying

5. Internet Marketing Manager

To be a good Internet marketer in Kenya, you do not need any degree or certificate to perfect your skills. The Internet world in Africa is evolving at a fast rate and it is the high time we take this opportunity and utilize it to our best. For instance, you can create Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups and join others and become an active member of the groups. Once you are active on these groups, now you can ask people to hire you to promote their products and services because you have established an authority in the industry. And to be honest, this is the big thing in Kenya because many companies are acknowledging the power of social media.

6. Search Engine Optimization Expert

Becoming a SEO expert does not need someone to have a college degree. SEO is another lucrative industry that has a lot of money if someone uses the right tools to explore the world of search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. I have covered exclusively SEO services and jobs you can offer in Kenya and make wealth from the internet. That is a must read article for any one who wants to become a SEO expert and make good money without a college degree.

7. Wedding Planner and Events manager

Wedding planing is now a lucrative business in the country and people are making a kill from the venture. See this post on best wedding planning practices, and learn how you can explore this world of event planning. Most wedding planners are making between 20,000 and 100,000/= per every event. Now, if you manage to get 4 events per month and the minimum you are getting from the event is 50,000/=, and remember you don’t need any certificate to achieve this, are you not making good money?

8. Starting a House-help Agency

You can employ yourself by creating a house help agency where people will be outsourcing their house helps common;y referred to as maids. With increased women empowerment, most women/wives are getting attached to their careers and neglecting their households duties and this is the reason that makes this business a profitable one. You then decide to charge your fee for every trained house-help and if you manage to train at least 100, you are good to go and become rich without any higher education.

9. Web Developer, Web Designers

Web development is a good industry and with so many online tutorials, you don’t need the higher education to succeed in this business. There are so many ready CMS (content management systems) such as WordPress and Blogger, which can help you create a good website without any technical skills. This is because there are so many themes and templates that will require little concentration to come up with a good website design.There are so many people looking for designers to design for them simple websites and they are ready to pay as they dont have time to customize their own websites using CMS.

10. Affiliate Marketer

I understand there are so many jobs out there that you can do without a college education, but being an affiliate marketer closes our chapter on the top 10 best paying jobs in Kenya that will require only basic secondary education to succeed. Affiliate marketing is the act or promoting others people’s products at a fee and this can be done online and offline. To achieve better results online, you need to create a successful blog with the right niche in mind. After creating a good blog of your choice, you then join clickbank, commission junction to get products to promote. On the offline world, this is like acting as an insurance agent or approaches any dealers and agrees to promote their products at a fee. For instance, car dealers hire people to promote their business at a commission per sale and this is what defines affiliate marketing.



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