Power Couple Thee Pluto and Felicity Shiru Finally Reveal Their Daughter’s Face

YouTuber Thee Pluto and his lover Felicity Shiru have revealed the face of their daughter Zoe for the first time.

In November 2022, the couple gave birth to their first child, who was unidentified.

The YouTuber explained how challenging it was to hide her face on Friday, July 7.

“Sometimes, we would go out, and I would have to cover her face completely so she could not be seen. We need to reveal her face so the pressure can reduce.”

Felicity shared similar sentiments, saying they sometimes had to leave Zoe at home. She further expressed gratitude for the far the little girl had come.

“Raising a child to reach 8 months old is a blessing.”

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Pluto also addressed Kenyans who asked him to do a DNA test to prove that Zoe was his child.

“I appreciate Felicity for not succumbing to the pressure. The child is mine. No need to doubt.”

The couple further thanked their nanny for caring for Zoe while saying they pay her well.

Pluto finally showed the little angel’s face to the camera while asking if she resembled him or the mother.

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