Poleni sana! Jua Cali apologises to Kenyans for claiming Njugush is not funny

Veteran rapper Paul Julius Nunda alias Jua Cali criticized comedian Timothy Kimani Ndegwa, better known as Njugush, for his performance in Australia.

Njugush, who is on tour in Australia, was mocked after a video of him struggling to amuse the audience went popular on social media.

“Njugush ni boy wangu but hakuna comedian hapo, not funny at all,” Jua Cali said while laughing at a video of Njugush struggling to crack jokes as the audience in Australia remained silent like water in a pot.

Jua Cali apologised to Njugush over his comment after a section of the comedian’s fans roasted him on social media.

The veteran rapper jotted down a lengthy apology on social media on July 10, 2023.

“Fans wa Njugush na Njugush poleni sana kama hio tweet ilicome out harsh hio haikua intention napenda Skits za Njugush 🔥🔥🔥 ni vile tu StandUp ni ballgame ingine noma but polepole with practice NJUGUSH will become one of the Greats, let’s come together StandUp ni artform inataka patience na a lot of resources kama tu music industry but done right hapo kuna doe kuruka!!! If we put our heads together tutatoboa.
Have a good day watu wangu 🙏🏿🙏🏿,” Jua Cali tweeted.

The rapper further stated that he has been a fan of standup comedy for a long time.

“Nimekua a huge Fan of StandUp comedy as an art form ever since nione the great Richard Pryor kwa ma Video tapes hii ni kitambo. Then Eddie Murphy came along killed it on the standUp stage.

Kuna similarities mob but now the difference between Musicians na StandUp comedians ni sisi wanamziki we create the content mara moja and we can perform it on stage hundreds of times but with comedians you have to be constantly creating coz ukirudia joke mara mbili si joke tena.

Standup comedian has to have a huge team of dope writers ndio special ikue na structure, examples of dope writers wale nawajua ni YY na Butita(Iam the one who encouraged @eddiebutita to do 1hr specials when we were on a flight to Dubai a few yrs back).

“Kucreate content ya 1hr constantly si rahisi lazima ukue na team noma karibu. Standup comedian should be very clever,witty and think jokes on the fly to engage the crowd and also have a certain swagger kwa stage, kujirusha kwa hii art form you should study the greats kama The Kings of Comedy kwanza Bernie Mac, Steve Harvey, Martin Lawrence,Jamie Foxx na Dave Chappelle wale ni ma Beast kwa stage!!! StandUp comedians should always tell story za mtaani hizo stories will forever remain King!!! Na msiogope kutumia curse words hio ndio RAHA ya standUp sasa.

Wacha nisibonge mob I will bigup all the comedians pushing the artform e.g the @comedyriots,” Jua Cali wrote.

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