Has Blessings Lungaho become deadbeat dad? Jackie Matubia shares cryptic post

After indirectly condemning absent parents, Kenyan actress Jackie Matubia drew a mixed reaction online.

Despite the fact that she did not name anyone specifically, her comments struck a chord with many of her followers.

Matubia, a mother of two with different fathers, rarely shares her coparenting with her first child’s father.

Matubia shared her amazement in a Monday Threads post about how some people with children appear to ignore their obligations.

“I will never understand how anyone can have kids in this world and live every day like they don’t exist,” she wrote.

Matubia also took to her Instagram Stories to share that she and her daughters had been unwell and had made multiple trips to the hospital over the weekend.

She posted a video of herself cuddling her one-year-old daughter, acknowledging the challenging times she has faced as a mother.

Matubia’s post received support from women who shared their own experiences with absent fathers.

Some commented on the different ways people are built and advised lowering expectations to avoid disappointment.

Others shared personal stories of raising children alone and finding strength in their faith.

Jackie Matubia spends time with first baby daddy

Just days after opening up about their smooth co-parenting skills, Kenyan thespian Jackie Matubia recently showed off her first baby daddy.

Taking to her Instagram stories, Jackie announced to her online in-laws that her firstborn daughter, Zari Wanjiku whom she shares with her ex Kennedy Njogu was graduating.

Jackie Matubia with first baby daddy
Jackie Matubia with first baby daddy

Jackie couldn’t contain her excitement as she showed off the outfit she’d settled on for the day, a maxi white and yellow dress paired with a yellow headscarf.

However, what caught people’s attention was the cute photos she shared of her posing next to her ex as they celebrated their daughter’s graduation.

The two also went out with family to celebrate and as you’d expect Blessing was missing in action.

The actress gushed over how she and Kennedy were very proud parents as she yet again congratulated her daughter on her graduation.

Jackie Matubia Break up with Blessing

A few weeks ago it was also observed that Jackie had pulled down Blessing’s photos from the house.

Their followers have in recent days observed a drift between the couple as they stopped posting content together on their Youtube channel and further to that Jackie ignored Blessing’s birthday a few days ago.

 Jackie Matubia with Blessing Lung'aho.
Jackie Matubia with Blessing Lung’aho.

In an interview with Milele Fm Ankali Ray Jackie refuted the breakup rumors. The two have however not been seen together for quite some time and their fans believe all is not well between them.

It is not the first time the couple has been rumored to be breaking up. They have however always weathered the storms in the past.

The first time the rumors stemmed from Jackie being spotted without the engagement ring which led people to think that they had broken up.

Explaining on her Youtube channel Jackie said that, she had forgotten to put on the ring. The mother of two said that she was in a rush as she was leaving the house and that’s what made her forget to put on the ring.

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