Investor aliachwa! Georgina Njenga Get Matching Tattoos with Her New Boyfriend

Georgina Njenga, a digital content entrepreneur, is head over heels in love with her new man following her public breakup with Machachari star Tyler Mbaya.

Georgina Njenga told her admirers that her new guy makes her happy and that they already have matching tattoos.

The mother of one posted a video of herself and her new man receiving Soul Mate tattoos and initials of their names tattooed on their arms.

The new Man tattooed the name Soul and the letter ‘G’ for Georgina’s initial, while Georgina tattooed Mate and the letter ‘A’ for the man’s name.

She, on the other hand, stated that she cannot reveal who he is and that it may be some time before their relationship becomes public.

Georgina recently stated that she is in a good place with her new man and is feeling the kind of love she never knew existed.

Georgina revealed this to her admirers after revealing her divorce from her baby daddy Tyler Mbaya.

“We broke up. I am in a new relationship with a new man. This is a different type of love. I never knew such love existed before, to be honest. I am in a good place.”

In a previous interview, Georgina Njenga disclosed that she met Baha in 2020 and they moved in together on the first day they met.

Despite the swift progression, their relationship appeared strong initially. Georgina took the initiative to make the first move, and Baha was the only man she introduced to her family as her boyfriend.

The two served couple goals to the envy of many and were blessed with a daughter, Astra Nyambura.

Their love was however faced with challenges which they overcame together until they decided to call it quits.

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