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5 Photos of DP Ruto’s adopted daughter, Nadia Cherono – She’s all grown

Deputy President William Ruto took Nadia as one of his own, and decided to name her Cherono after his mother.
Nadia was born and buried somewhere in Machakos when she was only a day old.

The DP said he was touched by the girl’s story after she was abandoned but later rescued by nuns who took her to Ippolita Children’s Home five years ago.

“The story of Nadia who was found buried, her body partly decomposing and abandoned as as newborn and has been under the care of sisters at Madre Ippolata Children’s Home touched my heart. I have named her Cherono, after my mother and made her part of my family,” he said.

Many Kenyans were touched when they heard the story on Nadia Cherono, DP William Ruto’s adopted daughter.
Looking at the photos, Nadia is growing healthily and cheerful.
She is one of the six children in the family who include Nick Ruto, June Ruto, Stephanie Ruto Charlene Chelagat Ruto and George Kimutai Ruto.
Here are some of the photos of the all grown up girl sharing a light moment with her father William Ruto:


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