Popular Pastor Discovers None Of His 3 Children Are Biologically His, After Conducting Secret DNA Test

A well-known pastor has stated that he has been carrying a painful secret for the past eight years.

He said that he found the truth after surreptitiously conducting DNA tests on his three children.

The preacher recalled being in a car accident that prevented him from having children.

However, he did not tell his bride about this when they married since he believed God would heal him.

His wife fell pregnant with their first child after six years of marriage. When he undertook DNA testing, he discovered that he was not the father.

The same could be said with their other two children.

The pastor is now struggling to come to grips with the situation, and he is becoming impatient and upset with his family.

He was unsure how his wife would respond to the situation, so he sought advice on whether or not to face her.

Social media reactions:

Vicoy Walker said: “So Wuga u can’t adopt a child u are nothing but a laughing stock, u call yourself a pastor, I don’t think God called you, na u call urself in the first place you started the marriage on a false slate.”

Michael Buchi reacted: “Miracle happen, you are their father. DNA is making a mistake. The same way u didn’t tell your wife the truth expecting a miracle, the miracle don happen you come dey suspect your wife. E be like you dey craze.”

Waxwell Uchenna reacted: “What you should do is to continue to be the stranger that you’re. You only got what you’re looking for. By going for DNA) So get used to them and give your family peace they deserve.”

Beckyhannah Achiever said: “Oga you married her through deceit you know fully well you cannot pregnant a woman and you hid it from her. Oga pastor abeg fear God small haba. Assuming you are a Catholic dey will approve her divorce because the marriage is based on deceit.”

Chinaza Precious said: “Pastor U gave part of your life to Christ.”

Chinemerem Favour reacted: “You should thank your wife, may be she have discovered who you are and try to cover your inability, confront her and remain childless.”

Ebere Emmanue reacted: “Oga confront ur wife calmly and know y it’s like this, yes she didn’t do well by going out to have children even in unknowing of ur condition, but for d fact that you knew you couldn’t do it yourself after hearing her forgive her and take ur family tight cuz they are urs and no one else.. just make sure she is no more doing again cuz 3 boys are ok.. and yes you shouldn’t have hide ur condition from her ford start.

But it has happened, so both of you should forgive each other, delete that spirit of ur a stranger comot from ur heart right away, you re not d first person to find himself in such condition. My dear that’s how it either ur adopt children or ur wife get from another man for you.”

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