“I can’t fight for a woman” – DJ Bonez tells his wife Kamene Goro

DJ Bonez has shared his thoughts on fighting for his wife, Kamene Goro.

The entertainer remarked on Kamene and Obinna’s podcast that he would not risk his life or participate in physical confrontations for the sake of his wife because it is not worth it.

DJ Bonez stated that he respects himself and believes that a woman should marry the man she loves.

“I can’t fight. I can’t fight for a woman. I respect myself… The woman should choose the man she loves,” he said.

She questioned whether he truly loves her.

The well-endowed media personality asked if he would not fight for her even if another guy made inappropriate physical contact with her.

In her words:

“You can’t fight for me even if another man touches my backside?”
In response, Bonez clarified that he would still protect her while he may not fight.

The spinmaster used the example of legendary boxer Mike Tyson, suggesting that fighting is for individuals like him.

“I can protect you but not fight for you. Fighting is for people like Tyson,” he responded.

Watch the video:


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