Eric Omondi and KRG take their fight to new platform ‘Threads’

Dancehall artist KRG The Don has come under fire from Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi for allegedly routinely employing filters in his images.

Omondi, who is the creator of the new Meta app called Threads, issued a challenge to KRG in an interview with SPM Buzz to publish a picture without any filters.

“KRG akuje sasa tumuone, Threads haina filters? KRG post picha tukuone, post tukutambue,” he stated..

Loosely translated (KRG should come forward and let us see him without filters. Threads don’t have filters, so KRG should post a photo for us to see and recognize him)

His comment was met with a playful response from 2mbili who was also part of the joint interview with the comedian.

“Ataedit before aweke kwenye Thread,( (He will edit the photo first before posting it to the Threads app)” he stated.

As the new Meta app, Threads gains popularity and takes over the internet, Omondi believes that the app lacks some crucial features that he deems necessary for its success.

While the app offers a fresh user experience, it appears to be missing certain elements that Omondi considers essential.

Threads is known for its unique features and functionalities, allowing users to connect and engage with each other in various ways.

However, according to Omondi, the app does not include DMs, which are crucial in getting feedback from users, especially between content creators and fans.

Other features that celebrities and fans alike have noticed that the app lacks are; filters, hashtags, sponsored ads on timelines, and media downloading.

The absence of filters may be seen as a limitation by some users who are accustomed to having those options available.

Despite the perceived shortcomings, Threads has already gained significant traction and is capturing the attention of users who are exploring its capabilities.

As more people become familiar with the app, its potential for growth and improvement remains high. It will be interesting to see how the app evolves and addresses user feedback including suggestions for additional features such as filters.

Zuckerberg’s latest invention has amassed over 24 million users since its launch.

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