Jeff Mwathi’s mother faults Radio Jambo over DJ Fatxo interview

The family of the late interior designer Jeff Mwathi has expressed disappointment over Radio Jambo’s move to air recorded phone interview.

Jeff Jeff’s mother Anne Mwathi noted that the call was not streaming live but was a recording of a call she had with the station early Monday.

This happened during DJ Fatxo’s live interview with Massawe Jappani.

According to earlier statement, Massawe Jeff Mwathi’s mother was “called” to speak to the DJ.

DJ Fatxo speaks after being cleared in Jeff Mwathi mysterious death
DJ Fatxo 

The station, according to Mwathi’s mother, should have warned her that DJ Fatxo would be appearing on the show and instead have a live dialogue with him.

“You called me in the morning at 11:42 am and you recorded me then you later play it for the listeners to hear. Surely you should have called me when he was there,” she said.


“It is wrong to call me in the morning and ask me all those questions and you have not told me that DJ will be in the studio.

You should have called me when he was there so that he responds to questions, not calling then you record me and later pretend that you were calling so you play that audio.

You could have called me so that we have a one-on-one talk. That is not good at all.”

Jeff Mwathi's mother confronts DJ Fatxo live on radio
Jeff Mwathi’s mother confronts DJ Fatxo live on radio

According to the viral audio, Mwathi’s mother is heard accusing DJ Fatxo of killing her son.

“That DJ is a murderer and he killed my son. I expected that he would turn himself in and explain how he killed him and what made him do that,” she said.

“There was no justice at all because the first thing that needed to be done is that his house should have been marked as a crime scene, all those suspects should have written statements.”

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