“Alipendwa na walimu” – Paul Mackenzie’s classmate reveals he scored D in KCSE

The State accuses Pastor Paul Mackenzie of manipulating locals through skewed extreme religious teachings, and fear of the unknown in pursuit of salvation, leading to deaths of many.

The self-styled spiritual leader, who was once a controversial televangelist, is now under investigations for allegedly preaching a dangerous doctrine that encourages his followers to starve themselves to death in order to reach heaven faster.

The consequences of this belief are said to have been deadly, and some who followed his teachings have died.

“Paul Mackenzie Nthenge, the spiritual leader, was arrested and is set to be charged with the preferred charge of murder as there is an order to exhume two bodies of children who are believed to have been buried in the bush after starvation,” a police report reads in part.

Paul Mackenzie's classmate reveals he scored D in KCSE
Paul Mackenzie’s classmate reveals he scored D in KCSE

Mackenzie, who is under police investigation, said he believes he has spiritual prophetic power, further claiming to have seen apparitions of ‘Jesus’.

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The father of seven argued that this is the basic teaching of his brand of Christianity but stated he stopped preaching in 2019.

He says he is currently farming in Shakahola village where he bought land and occasionally visits. So does he run a sect or cult?

“I am shocked about the accusations placed before me. I closed my Good News International church in Malindi in August 2019 and it’s important for people to accept that. I even sold the equipment there and the chairs as well. If a person used to worship with me then, they should do it on their own now and not by my name. Follow Christ and not pastor Mackenzie,” he said in an interview.

Paul Mackenzie's classmate reveals he scored D in KCSE
Paul Mackenzie’s classmate reveals he scored D in KCSE

He went on:

“I have always been on the media for the wrong reasons. The media and individuals always misquote or decide to run with a story out of context. The other time I made a sermon on earthly education being evil and I was taken to court for telling children not to go to school. This was not the case. It is a prophecy and it depends on how you take it. I can preach but I do not force the teachings on anyone.”

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Mackenzie closed church in 2019

According to Mackenzie, he closed church 2019 to focus on farming.

“I closed the church in 2019 because I got a revelation that the time to call it quits had come. I am not a pastor any more. I identify as Mr Mackenzie. I do not have a gathering to preach to and I just pray with myself and those who chose to believe,” he said as he shut the premises.

Paul Mackenzie classmate reveals unknown details about him

In an interview with TUKO, the pastor’s secondary school mate David Masaku revealed Mackenzie studied at Lukore Mixed in Shimba Hills in 1994.

“When I joined the school in 1994, Mackenzie was in Form Four. He was my high school godfather who showed me around. He was the dining hall captain and the leader of Young Catholic Students (YCS),” Masaku told Tuko.

Paul Mackenzie classmate David Masaku. PHOTO/Tuko
Paul Mackenzie classmate David Masaku. PHOTO/Tuko

According to him, Mackenzie was a dedicated and humble student whom many teachers loved.

“Paul Mackenzie was loved. Our former deputy head teacher Makau Kivisu really trusted him. During school closing days the head teacher could mention him as the most disciplined and kind boy,” he recalled.


“I did not hear him scoring above D plus in examinations for the year we were together in the same year. He even scored a D plain grade in Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education. The results can be confirmed from the 1994 examination records.”

Mackenzie’s favorite subjects, according to Masaku, were history and government, although he did not participate in sports or games, except as a cheerleader.

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Masaku stated that he is excited to meet Mackenzie after he is out on bond to catch up with him and attempt to understand how he got to where he is now.

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