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Churchill Comedian YY builds his mother a modern house in the Village [Photo]

Comedian YY builds his mother a modern house in the Village

Popular comedian and content creator Oliver Otieno alias YY has built his mother a house back in the village.

YY shared his excitement on Instagram where he posted a photo of the house and captioned it “No long post alert….Nakupenda mama yangu”.

His mother had been living in a traditioal house which he shared alongside the new crib.

Earlier this year, the comedian had opened up about his family struggled under the leadership of their father who was an alcoholic.

“…tulikuwa tunaishi nyumba ya matope na hii nyumba tulikuwa na dirisha za chuma likini hazikuwa na vioo…I was not that of the undisciplined child but I was very naughty. But really wanted to get my mother out of that situation. It’s a situation that I would not wish any child, mother or father to be living in,” he said in part during an interview on Churchill Show.

When YY’s father died, his mother returned to the village, and things went downhill from there, according to the comedian.

His mother abandoned her small business in Nairobi and went to start from scratch in the village.

YY got teary narrating that some nights they would sleep hungry as the situation got worse.

I want to advise single mothers out there, if you have a job in the city and then you lose your husband, don’t go back to the village, because you will be told to go back. Usiwache ile biashara ama kazi unafanya uende kuanza Zero kwa village… because you are going to put your children into so much because you want to pleasure the village…” he said.

The comedian explained that it is better to be a small fish in a big pond than a big fish in a little pond.

Terrence Creative

Fellow comedian Terence Creative also built a house for his grandmother in the village but unfortunately, she passed on before he could hand over the house to her.

“Some texts are hard to type, but let me do this. I thank God for the time He gave us with my grandma, today I took the last selfie with her and hugged her for the last time, I can’t believe we won’t be seeing each other again, I had so many plans for her but God had better and best plans for her. We used to gossip together and have fun, she was funnier than I am. she had a nickname ‘secret’ because people trusted her with their secrets and she would tell them “sitasema, ni sekereti” 😂😂

“But woooiii alikuwa ananiambia zote na tunacheka pamoja. My brothers and I used to call her “grandee” a nickname derived from the word grandma. She was great and played a big role in our life, there is much I can say about her, but let me keep some as a secret as she would say.I just want to thank God she did meet her great grandchildren and blessed them and always spoke blessings upon all of us. Long live grandee. It is a great union in heaven I guess. It is sad you didn’t make it to see the house I am building for you it hurts so much, the plans I had were great but God had better plans for you, I’ll miss you mum, my grandma…say hi to mum and uncle John 🙏 I love you” wrote Terence Creative.



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