“I terminated my boss’ pregnancy to save my life in Saudi Arabia” – Nairobi woman reveals

A mother of two was cordially welcomed by her employers when she moved from Kenya to Saudi Arabia.

Her male boss started treating her badly after she completed her 90-day probation in the new nation.

Selestine Musavakwa described how the man of the house had abruptly changed and made her life miserable.

“I used to feel as if I was walking upside down from how he treated me. I started getting uncomfortable and decided that I had to find a way to inform my agent about it before it got worse.

But to my surprise, my agent, my friend on Facebook and whom we used to chat on WhatsApp, blocked me,” Musavakwa told

The 28-year-old said the authority turned its back on her, and she had no one to share her challenges, including her female boss.

The single mum said she was afraid of opening up as she feared her male boss, who threatened her life if she ever revealed what went on.

“I have so many scars on my body which I incurred when I refused to follow orders from him. I fell pregnant for him, and I was terrified. If I concealed the baby was his, that would be the end of my life,” the woman from Nairobi cried.

Musavakwa narrated many times she tried to escape, climbing the fence and breaking windows in her quest for freedom and gap to return to Kenya.

She mentioned the mistreatment of relying on toilet water for survival as she was denied fresh water at her employer’s house.

When she finally returned to Kenya, she was told her liver had a problem, and she only had two months to live.

“I had to terminate my pregnancy from my boss to save my life,” she cried, expressing her relief to be back home.

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