Jalango’s baby mama now wants a noisy South C mosque closed

Media personality Cheptoek Boyo has lodged a petition on change.org to protest a noisy mosque at her South C apartment block.

Speaking to Mpasho on Tuesday January 10, Boyo cited her decision to start the petition over the fact that the mosque was below a residential apartment.

“I live next to that apartment, it’s a new apartment within the area where I live, that’s in South C next to Ole sereni area, behind Next Gen mall.

I’ve lived here for the past four years and its been a quiet environment. But now every morning we are woken up by this crazy noise.I have no issue with the mosque, its the noise. They either reduce the noise or shut it down” Boyo highlighted.

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The media personality went on to add:

“There is noise from 4 am to 8pm it’s unbelievable. I mean there is another mosque and the noise does not reach us so we are ok with that, but this one! It’s inside an apartment block, how are tenants supposed to live above a mosque?”

According to religious laws it is mostly advised that no building should be above or below a mosque unless if it’s quarters for Imaams.

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It is frowned upon to have a building above the mosque as it is prohibited to relieve one’s self, trade, engage in intimacy or have women who are menstruating above a mosque.

The petition reads

“For the past two months, we, the residents of South C (Bandari Apartments Phase 1&2, Highway Estate, Real Estate, KPA Estate, Wambco apartments, Keliwad Apartments, Vision flats, Chabrin Apartments, Sulton Park Apartments and its environs) have been subjected to untold suffering due to noise from a recently constructed mosque.

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The mosque has been opened at a new apartment complex (Taah Heights) and has become a nuisance.

The loud noise, especially between 4am and 5am is making our lives unbearable. This petition seeks to address this matter.

We demand that the noise be reduced or the mosque to be shut down. It is unfair that we can no longer enjoy the peace and quiteness that we had before.

We believe this is a matter that Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja has pushing for and we seek his address to the matter.”

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