“Huna Certificate of Good Conduct” – Kenyans React to Babu Owino’s 6 Diplomas, 4 Degrees

Embakasi East Member of Parliament Paul Ongili alias Babu Owino recently took to social media to flaunt his two degrees certificates with his fans.

In 2012, he studied for a degree in Actuarial Science, and passed with first class honours.

In 2020, he graduated with a degree in law, unlike his previous performance where he got a second class honour upper division.

In an another interview, Babu Owino also revealed that he has 6 Diplomas and 2 Masters.

According to Babu, Kenyans should elect leaders like him who have been to class rather that leaders who are ‘illiterate’.

‘This is the Kind of a leader the People of Embakasi East elected.Intellectual capacity is at optimum. Know your leader. Your favorite son Comrade Babu Owino Paul Ongili Half man half amazing and the value on the added tax. After you Na you, Na you na you..’

Babu Owino’s bragging about his education caused mixed reactions among Kenyans on social media, with most accusing him of lacking wisdom.

Here are some of the comments

Paul Kanjah: Quite educated but didn’t gather wisdom, education without wisdom

John Wanjohi: They don’t make sense at all if you are a murderer and you organise goons to kill your political oponents when they conduct rallies in your constituency…They are useless….bure kabisa.… 

Simeon Rotich: But his head is totally empty. No wisdom. Certificates, diplomas and degrees are just mere papers if you lack wisdom.

Silvia Ingosi: You paid people to write your exams, why can’t you practice professionally at your age instead of following crowds shouting, did you go to school to study that, shame on wasted resources

Philip Ferguson: Congrats. Please donate some diplomas to kenya kwisha fellas who have cheated their way with fake papers!

Simeon Rotich: But his head is totally empty. No wisdom. Certificates, diplomas and degrees are just mere papers if you lack wisdom.

Bramuel Joel: How old is he?? Six diplomas=18yrs of study! 2degrees=8yrs of study! Totaling to 26years…. I don’t think if Babu Owino is above 40yrs…. He’s fooling people!!

Patrick Kuria: all that education to become a professional stone thrower bure kabisa i wonder what goes through the heads of azimionites at times how on earth do you glorify violence.

Eric Sande: Babu is a good guy but for him to survive in Nairobi politics he has to be thuggish in character.

Peter Ibiri: But u dont have certificate of good conduct

Chilie Glad Chilie: How is that lowering the prices of basic commodities??????, Further more you behave like a class three dropout….


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