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Senator Kang’ata Defends Himself on Claims of Addressing Senate from Sabina Joy

Muranga Senator Irungu Kang’ata has refuted claims that he on Tuesday September 14, 2021 addressed Senate while at a popular bar along Thika Road in Nairobi.

On Tuesday, Senator Kang’ata virtually logged into a Senate session and requested to issue a statement to the House.

“Mr. Speaker I’m here. I’m online… My video is on… Mr. Speaker I’m online,” Kang’ata said as he requested for an opportunity to address the House.

“We are not seeing you. We want to see you… put on your camera,” Senate Speaker Ken Lusaka said in response to Senator Kang’ata’s request.

After a little back and forth, Senator Kang’ata was able to fix his camera issues and could be seen by members in the House. However, the Speaker denied him an opportunity to read his statement to the House arguing that he was in an “inappropriate location”.

“No no no that is not an office Senator Kang’ata. I’m sorry we cannot allow that. The rules are very clear on where you can be,” Speaker Lusaka said while denying Kang’ata an opportunity to read his statement.

Senate Speaker Ken Lusaka. [Photo: Courtesy]

The incident lit up the House with one of members being heard shouting “Mr. Speaker he is on Thika Highway drinking… Mr. Speaker he is in a bar. Mr Speaker he is in Sabina Joy.”

The entire incident caused a huge debate on social media, forcing Kang’ata to issue a statement refuting claims that he was at the popular Sabina Joy bar.

According to Senator Kang’ata the reports are being fueled by “Kieleweke bloggers”. He further noted that he neither drinks nor has ever tasted alcohol.

“Kieleweke bloggers no single drop of alcohol has ever passed via my mouth. That voice insertion into my today’s senate contribution is fake and false. The true question that I asked in Senate was about Murang’a Farmers unpaid milk delivered to County Factory,” he posted.



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