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Brendah Jons confirms she is Gay, finds out girlfriend cheated

Kenyan YouTuber Brendah Jons, of the ‘Plesident Kingston’ fame, has come out to her fans as a gay woman giving details of her relationship with her current partner.

Jons uploaded a video explaining her orientation to fans on Saturday and within hours, she found out that her girlfriend had cheated on her.

In a series of videos on her Instagram stories, the content creator highlighted that the news of cheating allegations had hit her hard.

She went on to name the “other woman” in her nine-month relationship as one of her friends – celebrity hairstylist @phoinabeauty.

In a live IG session, Brendah had unveiled @phy_lamar as her girlfriend, disclosing that they had already moved in together and were happily in a relationship.

She would later share screenshots of her conversation with @phoinabeauty where Brendah was confronting the hairstylist on the cheating allegations.

The accused did not respond to the messages.

After the dramatic weekend, Brendah updated her fans that she had chosen to take a break from social media to deal with her struggles “in a mature way”.

“Hi everyone, I know y’all didn’t deserve all these… It was not necessary to go Live and even involve you in all this drama of my life… I should have dealt with this privately but I didn’t so I’m gonna have to live with that.

“I apologize to everyone, and I mean everyone, hata wale walinikosea (even those who wronged me) but all this wasn’t really mature of me… So, poleni nyote (I’m sorry),” she posted.

Brendah added that it is a difficult time for her and that she had decided to take a “healthy break”.

Brendah Jons answers fans on her Sexual Orientation

The YouTuber is a an #endrapeculture advocate, having started a foundation to help victims of sexual assault.

She also disclosed her own experience

In her coming out YouTube video, Brendah had elaborated to fans that it is not her history of sexual assault that had ‘turned’ her.

“I don’t resent men, and I’ve said this before, I have male friends, I have uncles and a dad so I don’t resent men. It’s just that there is a level of connection that I don’t want to pursue with men… No way, men don’t disgust me,” she clarified.



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