Brian Chira: Use a condom, eat healthy if you find yourself positive

In an interview with YouTuber Nicholas Kioko on July 1, TikToker Brian Chira gave an explanation of why he once went live online while taking his HIV medication.

Chira, who attracted widespread notice for his deed, explained that his goals were to raise awareness of the value of taking medications as prescribed and to illustrate that persons with the virus are still capable of participating in a variety of activities.

According to Chira, he took delight in going live on camera and said he wanted to spread awareness and knowledge about living a healthy lifestyle.

“Use a condom, wrap it up if you have to, and eat healthy if you find yourself positive. Also, take your medication and a lot of water,” Chira said.

He continued by mentioning that, at the moment, he has not prioritized sensitizing people about HIV as he is still focused on building his own brand.

Chira shared that when he openly admitted his HIV-positive status, many of his friends distanced themselves from him.

Now that he has been making headlines, some of them have been complaining about being cut off from his life.

He expressed gratitude towards his fans for their consistent support throughout everything he has experienced.

When Kioko asked Chira about his well-being, Chira admitted that he was working towards achieving mental well-being.

Chira shared that he is someone who tends to be more of a loner, and he has been facing challenges trying to fit into society.

He explained how being raised as an orphan and having certain limits placed on him had an effect on him. He acknowledged that these experiences have had an impact on him, despite his current level of notoriety.

Chira went on to say that he is currently trying to fit in with society by trying to be alright and make new acquaintances.

He remarked that his emotional condition changes because he can sometimes be a joyful person but also has sad moments when he sobs.

He stated that he sometimes finds it difficult to manage these feelings.

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