Yvette Obura comes clean on giving Bahati another child

Yvette Obura, Bahati’s baby mama, reacted rudely after a fan requested her to have a second kid with the musician.

A Tiktok user known as Waithera encouraged her to give Bahati another kid in one of her posts.

“Si upatie Baha second born,” wrote Waithera.

Her statement, however, did not sit well with the mother of one daughter, who responded by asking her to give birth to the artist herself.

“Wee mpatie juu unajua kupeana,” she replied.

Miss Yvette had posted a video of about one and a half minutes in which she showed off her beautiful body shape.

In the video, she proudly showed off her toned body as she strutted around the empty hall.

“Random video: A day in my life working with @home_sweet_home rooms. Thank you @_mjukuuu for the video. HELLO HAPPY WEIGHT,” Yvette Obura wrote under the video she uploaded.

In addition to her attractive body, the song she chose to go with the video she posted appeared to delight netizens.

The stunning  Yvette who has a child with Bahati, chose to flaunt her body using his well-known love ballad, “Wanani.”

“You have come down from heaven. You are an angel. Or I am wrong? Give all the credit to him. The one who created you has not made mistakes… Toto is not toto, uuh lala. I have won the lotto, uuh lala. Hot figure, uuh lala. Toto is not toto, uuh lala. I have won the lotto, uuh lala. To have a baby, uuh lala,” are the words of the song that Yvette used.

The song continues, “Then who are you?” Tell me who, who. If it’s not just mine (x2)…I heard I like you. But I love you. Yes, it’s true yes it’s true.. And if they ask me to choose, Between me and you, Baby I’ll choose you, Cause I’m you uhh uhh..”

This is certainly a good indication that the woman is a lover of her baby daddy’s music and does not harbour any ill will toward him.

There were speculations that Yvette and Diana Marua, Bahati’s wife, had a tense relationship a few months ago.

Diana, however, shot down the reports in March and stated categorically that she has no beef with her husband’s co-parent.

“I don’t have a problem with that mother. I saw you guys asking and there were headlines here and there because of the post I made, I don’t have a quarrel with anyone so maybe we haven’t had time to talk.

There is no misunderstanding that we have anything so that was misinterpreted and I would like to put it here again that there is no beef between me and mother Mueni.  We are just in the position we are in right now,” said Diana.

The two used to be quite close and were frequently seen together, but that is not the case anymore, which has fueled the rumours.

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