“Shughulika na maisha yako” – Tyler Mbaya clashes with Milele FM presenter

Tyler Mbaya, better known as Baha, a child actor turned digital content creator, has slammed Milele FM’s Ankali Ray for his desire for gossip.

“Mzee baba, mimi nataka tu ujishughulishe tu na mambo yako tu kama Ankali! (Old man, personally I want you to learn to sweep your own compound. Just focus on your own things as Ankali)” Started off the father of one.

“Sijakupiga kwa ubaya Baha (I haven’t called you with any ill intentions)” said the radio presenter trying to justify himself and his reasons for calling.

Angrily Tyler went on a rant on how Ankali had been totally bothering him with calls over the same subject so he knew why he was calling him and he was fed up with it. He went on to add that he was just a kid and people should just leave him alone.

“Naomba tu ujishughulishe tu na mambo yako bro! The other day you called me and I didn’t pick up, You called me again bro a few days ago and I didn’t pick up logically because now you have been calling me too much and it doesn’t make sense.

I’m just a young kid, a young man mbona why do you want to be in my life so much? Maisha yangu ndio inakulisha?” Tyler asked the radio presenter clearly triggered by the insentient scrutiny of his life.

Ankali not willing to listen or let the moment pass replied by noting that he just wanted to know how Baha’s love life was and if the actor misses his baby mama Georgina Njenga after they called it quits.

“Wambea tunataka tu kujua kama utammiss shemeji wetu Georgina,” (us gossipers want to know if you are missing our in-law Georgina)” the presenter replied without addressing anything else that Tyler had highlighted.

Tyler proceeded to give Ankali a stern warning before hanging up the phone mid conversation.

“Mambo ya udaku ya familia, hiyo mambo kama milele muwache kabisaa!” Tyler said. Ankali went on to ask if it is true him and his girlfriend had split up, leading to the young actor hanging up.

A month ago through her socials Baha’s baby mama digital content creator Georgina Njenga announced that after much deliberations the two had decided to part ways.

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