Salem actor Melvin Alusa Quits TV Show over ‘Toxic’ work environment

Melvin Alusa, a well-known Kenyan actor, has announced his departure from the “Salem” television series due to what he calls unfair working circumstances.

Alusa, who has performed both domestically and abroad on numerous screens and stages, has been portraying Melchizedek on the Showmax/Maisha Magic series for a year.

Nonetheless, he claims that the numerous instances of unprofessional behavior he watched and personally experienced on the set that rendered it impossible for him to carry out his duties efficiently inspired his choice to leave the position at this time.

“I owe it to my beloved fans, the fans of the show and the larger audience in general to let you know the reasons behind my resignation.

I am dedicated to my craft and have honed and mastered my skills for close to 2 decades. I must, therefore, preserve and protect it jealously,” he wrote on Instagram on Wednesday.


“I unfortunately couldn’t bear the toxic work environment anymore. The bad leadership, emotional blackmail, gas-lighting, manipulation and health hazards, led to an environment that became impossible for me to perform my role as an Actor, and to deliver powerful moments to the role and story as a whole. It’s at this point that I felt the need to leave with my dignity intact and my head held high.”


Alusa went further ahead to urge the production team behind the TV series to begin treating their cast better, adding that he will – moving forward – keep his fans updated on his next move.

He also wished his ‘Salem’ replacement, fellow veteran actor and award-winning director Charles Ouda, all the best as he steps into the role.

“I am now requesting the Salem production team to manage the welfare of their Actors and crew, many of whom are suffering in silence,” added Alusa.

“I now say goodbye to you, and thank you so much for all the love and support you showed me while I was on the show as Melchizedek Karani, I wish you a lovely journey even as you proceed with my replacement, the gifted and capable Charles Ouda who will proceed from here.”

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