YY Comedian responds to claims Churchill gifted them with cars, cash 300K

YY comedian denies claims from fellow Churchill comedian Wakimani that they were given cars and 300Ksh to perform shows through Instagram stories.

“Let me clarify coz a lot of people are asking why no one bought us cars. No one, Paul you can’t make people look that ungrateful of whose interest is all this showroom stories?

Comedians can’t talk coz they will look like they are fighting Churchill and everyone is too careful looking for a specific angle to respond to this story. the direct answer is nobody bought us cars. Sijui mahali Paulo ametoka an hii story?

In an interview with Plug Tv, Wa Kimani shared

“One day, Churchill called many of us who were in the Laugh Industry and asked us to say what we wanted.

He said, ‘

“You people claim I have never helped any of you and that I do not even support you.’ He asked us what we wanted him to do for us on that particular day. Some of us said they wanted cars, while others wanted him to support them in doing shows,” revealed Wa Kimani.

The comedians were divided into groups based on their preferences – those desiring cars and those seeking financial support for shows.

Churchill is then alleged to have provided each group of three with sh300,000 to organize and perform shows outside Nairobi.

For those aspiring to own cars, Wa Kimani said Churchill directed them to showrooms to select their vehicles.

Wa Kimani expressed that some comedians still use the cars Churchill bought for them then.

While he couldn’t recall specific individuals who received cars, he mentioned that comedian Eddie Butita, Njoro, Jemutai, Karis, among others, were part of the group benefiting from Churchill’s support.

“We were put in groups of those who wanted cars and those who wanted money to do shows. He gave us, sh300k each group of three to go and do the shows out of Nairobi.

Those who wanted cars were directed to go to showrooms and choose a car. Some people still have those cars to date.

Churchill gave us money, which is one thing most comedians have never said about him. It was also one of the best day in being in the laugh industry.”

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