Edday Nderitu lands lucrative job in US, moves into new beautiful house

Edday Nderitu, the estranged wife of Mugithi phenomenon Samuel Muchoki, often known as Samidoh, has been in the United States for four months.

And now that the dust has settled, a new chapter in her life has begun.

Edday has found her footing in the United States, getting a job and working hard to provide for her family, Nairobi News can exclusively report.

In May 2023, the mother of three departed Kenya, ostensibly for a vacation in the United States, where Samidoh’s cousin, Bernice Saroni, lovingly entertained her.

Edday, according to a trusted family member, is doing well and has even begun working.

“Edday is doing well. In fact, she is already working. She moved into her own house… That is her house, and the children are in school,” the source who requested anonymity told Nairobi News.

This revelation comes hot on the heels of a recent social media post by Edday, where she uploaded a photo of herself seated on a sofa with car keys placed beside her.

Accompanying the image was a poignant Bible verse: “I will restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten, the hopper, the destroyer, and the cutter. The great army sent among you. Joel 2:25.”

Edday’s journey to empowerment in her newfound life in the US has garnered immense support from close friends both in Kenya and abroad, who have silently stood by her side as she navigates this new chapter.

Her departure from her 15-year marriage with Samidoh was announced earlier this year, citing his infidelity as the reason behind the divorce.

Samidoh’s involvement with nominated Senator Karen Nyamu, with whom he has two children, added fuel to the marital fire.

Edday had been clear that she could not tolerate a polygamous marriage, leading to her decision to part ways with the Kikuyu musician.

Rumors have been swirling about a possible meeting between Edday and one of her supporters during a recent trip to Boston.

“I have shed tears of joy seeing her back on her feet. Edday is driving in a foreign land. She is paying her car loan, mortgage for her new house, and feeding her children… Her children are even covered by health insurance,” the source further disclosed.

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A recent online confrontation between Bernice and Karen Nyamu ignited a heated exchange when the senator defended Samidoh’s commitment to raising his children single-handedly for years.

“He has raised the children single-handedly for years, yet you [referring to Bernice and Edday] have provided them with food for a month and free schooling, then you disturb everyone,” Karen responded to the follower.

Karen’s comments came after a fan inquired about Samidoh’s whereabouts while urging him to visit the US to check on his kids, considering his overseas concerts in Australia.

Bernice quickly responded to Karen’s remarks, highlighting the value of education and expressing gratitude for the privilege of providing quality education to Edday’s children in the United States.

“You mentioned free education…The American system is what people are paying millions for in Kenya to enroll their kids, maybe it could be her salary. Imagine getting it for free. I’m I privileged, or should I call myself blessed? It’s a dream for many parents…Free or not, education is the key. Bipolar is real…” Bernice shot back.

Despite Samidoh’s public display of remorse through a song dedicated to his estranged wife, it seems that Edday has firmly set her sights on the future.

Karen, for her part, recently expressed her wishes for both sides to find happiness, acknowledging Samidoh’s love for his family.

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