“Mnisamehe” – Pastor Kanyari weeps as he begs Kenyans for forgiveness

Pastor Kanyari recently addressed an incident in which a woman brought him condoms, panty liners, and petroleum jelly during a church service.

This action received widespread criticism, however, Pastor Kanyari urged Kenyans not to take it too seriously.

He defended the woman by suggesting that she may have done it for attention rather than with malicious intent.

Despite the disrespectful nature of the act, Kanyari acknowledged the mistake and referenced a biblical story where Jesus intervened to prevent a woman from being stoned.

He commended the woman for having the courage to enter the church despite her questionable behavior, emphasizing that the church is a place for everyone, regardless of their past actions.

Kanyari reiterated that his church welcomes people from all walks of life and encouraged others not to judge or condemn those who make mistakes.

He continued defending the lady adding that she should not be insulted because she chose the church and not a bar.

”Kuja kwake kanisani ata kama amekuja akiwa uchi tummrudisha mavazi yake,” Kanyari said.

However, he went ahead and apologized saying that he had been pissed from what had happened.

He said he dint expect such a thing would come up as it was sudden and even claimed to have been trolled and called fake pastor.

Kanyari said that everyone does something wrong in their life but there should be room for forgiveness .

”I am here to make this statement to say I am sorry, I am sorry, sorry mia moja,” Kanyari gave his apology.

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