“Tulianza kununua nguo za mtoto 4 years into marriage” – Evelyne Wanjiru opens up on struggles to get a child

In a recent interview on Size 8 and DJ Mo’s reality TV show “Love in the Wild,” which airs on TV47, gospel power couple the Agundas—Evelyne Wanjiru and her husband Agunda Bweni—openly discussed the difficulties they encountered while trying to become parents.

The Agundas shared their experiences of the psychological difficulties they went through when they yearned for a child.

Even before their first child arrived in 2022, they discussed coping strategies, like purchasing children’s clothing when traveling overseas, even though they had been married for ten years.

“We started buying baby clothes when we were only 4 years into marriage… walking by faith. We even made the room for our baby, and it stayed for 5 years without a baby,” shared the Agundas during the heartfelt conversation.

Size 8 explained the lack of understanding and support from some men in similar situations, stating that infidelity and abandonment are common responses.

 Evelyne Wanjiru opens up on struggles to get a child
Evelyne Wanjiru opens up on struggles to get a child

However, she commended the Agundas for their unwavering commitment to each other.

“Most men opt to look for side chicks and end up getting kids out of wedlock and eventually they even leave their wives. But from Agunda, we have seen that this is a man who loves with Agape love,” Size 8 remarked.

Agunda attributed his principled nature as a key factor in navigating the challenges they faced, underscoring the importance of remaining steadfast in marriage vows.

“So many times I felt like I was failing him, but I did not want to show him,” Evelyn said.

Recognising the sensitivity of discussing such personal matters, Size 8 commended the Agundas for their resilience and dedication to their marriage despite the hurdles.

Just like Evelyne, fellow gospel musician Kambua Manundu has also spoken of the challenges she faced getting a baby numerous times in the past.

She is now a proud mother of 2 (although she lost one child) and has taken it upon herself to encourage women struggling to get a child, something that many women in similar situations often suffer in slience.

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