“Akikubali, nitamuoa” – Stevo Simple Boy now wnts to marry Betty Kyallo

If journalist Betty Kyallo accepts artist Stevo Simple Boy’s proposal of marriage, he has candidly revealed to her his entire life plan.

The ‘Freshi Barida’ hitmaker has been persistently teasing Betty Kyallo via Instagram to accept his marriage proposal, a matter that Kyallo appears to have disregarded.

Reiterating his plans once more, Stevo says that he will decide to settle down right away and won’t be back on the market if Betty Kyallo accepts his proposal of marriage.

After revealing that he envisions having three children—two boys and one girl—with Betty Kyallo, the artist—who was once romantically involved with Pritty Vishy—urged Kyallo to accept before time runs out.

“If I get Betty Kyallo, I will settle down in marriage. Then, she will give birth to three children for me, two boys and one girl. God bless because you created all this yourself. I now request your blessing,” Stevo wrote, accompanying the post with a picture of Betty.

Stevo Simple Boy now wants to marry Betty Kyallo
Stevo Simple Boy now wants to marry Betty Kyallo

Stevo continues to pursue Betty Kyallo, despite claiming to his fans that his wife, Grace Atieno, is pregnant.

Some feel that the Kibera-based artist is seeking publicity by using Betty Kyallo’s name.

On her part, Kyallo – a mother of one – has faced challenges in the realm of marriage, with each relationship she attempts facing difficulties and ending in disappointment.

Since her lavish wedding with fellow journalist Dennis Okari, a marriage that ended a few years later, the FlairbyBetty

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