Louis Otieno: How I lost my hearing ability under the hands of ‘rogue’ nurse

Former Kenyan TV personality Louis Otieno has revealed that his hearing impairment was not caused by pancreatic issues, but rather by a mysterious ‘pretty’ nurse.

Otieno, who was a prominent figure on Kenyan television, reveals that his condition was sudden and unexpected, leading to a rapid decline in his health and requiring hospitalization and surgical interventions.

His journey from stardom to health struggles remains a topic of discussion.

“One day I was talking and listening and the next morning I couldn’t hear a thing. And I was in the hospital. At that time I was very sick: my pancreas crashed. A hospital is the last place you want to be suspicious because you’re trying to recover. My situation was really bad,” he said.

 Louis Otieno
Louis Otieno

Otieno recounted a hospital stay where a nurse allegedly administered medication surreptitiously, drawing curtains, turning off the TV, and administering something behind him.

“I know for one there are some fights I can’t pick. They must have arranged this one for sure. I like light. A pretty-looking nurse comes in, I had not seen her before. She walks in and says, Why have you refused to sleep?

“So she comes in, puts my TV off, pulls the curtains, and very confidently she says ‘Leo you must sleep’. I don’t know what she did behind me, coz my medicine was coming from behind my ears. I slept from 10 pm to 7 am,” he said.

Despite suspicions, Otieno’s efforts to discern the cause of his hearing loss remained inconclusive.

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