Nonini sues MCSK boss Ezekiel Mutua over KSh109m artists’ royalties

Hip hop artiste Hubert Nakitare, popularly known as Nonini, has filed a lawsuit against Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK) CEO Ezekiel Mutua

“Oya bradhe? Uko na barua hapo kwa office yako #NeedThatByMonday Kama hujaipata ndio hio! Check mate ♟️ your move now! #Nonini #Mgenge2ru #McskNiWezi” Nonini wrote on X.


The two are currently enjoined in an online tiff MCSK payout to Kenyan artists.

While sharing a document he alleged was the actual figures the MCSK had budgeted for artists, amongst other hefty expenses, Nonini claimed that directors of all Kenyan CMOs were benefitting more than anyone, singling out the paltry figures shared to over 16,000 artists as opposed to the monies spent on salaries, for instance.

“You see the exact problem that is affecting Kenyan Music Industry. These are the figures @TheMCSK budgeted Artists monies for the year that just ended 2023,” he wrote.

From the document shared by Nonini, MCSK appeared to have collected Ksh. 110 million and only shared out Ksh.10 million to Kenyan artists. From the same breakdown, it appears Ksh.57 million was used up on salaries and Ksh.7 million spent up on the Board.

“An employee has full medical cover while an artist cannot even afford outpatient pekee! You collect 109 million, pay staff 57 million and distribute 10m to over 16,000 Musicians. SMH!” Nonini further complained.

“Show me an investor who will ever be attracted to this broken down music industry eco-system!”

In a quick rejoinder, the MCSK boss openly called out the ‘We Kamu’ rapper, accusing him of not only doctoring the document to support his narrative but also of embezzling musicians’ monies when he was a director of Music Publishers Association of Kenya (MUPAKE) and the Performers Rights Society of Kenya (PRISK).

Nonini sues MCSK boss Ezekiel Mutua over KSh109m artists' royalties
Nonini sues MCSK boss Ezekiel Mutua over KSh109m artists’ royalties

Mutua further claimed that the document was actually lifted from MUPAKE’s accounts from 2027-2019 also adding that he had already reported Nonini to the authorities while also encouraging the US-based rapper, who he called a ‘fugitive’, to take the document to the DCI for investigations.

He wrote: “There’s this fugitive @Noninimgenge2ru who embezzled musicians money when he was a director of MUPAKE & PRISK. We reported him and his gang to the police last week and we are pursuing their prosecution.

“Now I hear he’s circulating a FAKE document on social media purporting its official accounts of MCSK but the document is actually lifted from the MUPAKE accounts of 2017-2019 and doctored to serve the fertile immagination.

“This is how they used to steal money from artists, but we will ensure that they face the law. Boss you can run but you can’t hide. If the document is genuine take it to the DCI office and record a statement.”

Over the years, Nonini has not hidden his feelings about unjust revenue collection and distribution in the Kenyan music industry.

Mid-January, Dr Mutua revealed that a total of Ksh. 20 million would be disbursed equally to the 16,000 members of the music body, leaving many to speculate that each artist would get a measly Ksh.1,250.

This elicited mixed reactions with many Kenyans blasting the CEO for the meagre sums he was intending to send to Kenyan creatives. Nonini too joined the crusade, tweeting, “”Sad sana… Poleni wasanii wenzangu.”

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