Abel Mutua reveals reasons why he doesn’t want more kids with Judy Nyawira

Kenyan film director and content creator Abel Mutua, ‘Mkurugenzi’ has opened up about his harrowing experience in the delivery room while his wife, Judy Nyawira, was giving birth.

According to Abel, this experience led him to decide that he and Judy will never go back to the labour room.

In a discussion featured on Judy Nyawira’s YouTube channel, Abel Mutua shared the emotional rollercoaster he endured during his wife’s childbirth.

Recalling the intense moments, Abel described witnessing his wife in excruciating pain, which left him feeling utterly helpless.

He humorously recounted an episode where he found solace in holding onto the bars of the maternity bed, an experience that scarred him deeply.

Despite the passage of time, the memories of that day continue to resonate with him.

“It left me scarred. I hate the feeling of being helpless, seeing you in pain, and knowing I can’t help kills me. It was at that point I consciously decided to never get us back in that room. People told me ‘It’s always like that but after 1 or two years you will be back”. But it has been 14 years,” he said.

Abel Mutua reveals reasons why he doesn't want more kids with Judy Nyawira
Abel Mutua reveals reasons why he doesn’t want more kids with Judy Nyawira

Abel Mutua also reminisced about the unconventional journey into parenthood he and Judy embarked upon at a relatively young age.

Becoming parents to Stephanie Mumbua ‘Mumbus’, when they were in their early twenties, meant sacrificing the carefree days of youth.

“You know, I had that child when I was 24. The parties you’ve been enjoying, I never got to experience that. Now, let me take her to school… She is going to boarding school, and I feel so good,” he said.

Abel Mutua, his wife Judy Nyawira & daughter Mumbua

However, as Mumbus embarks on her boarding school journey, Abel finds solace in the newfound freedom.

Abel shared his anticipation for the empty nest phase, highlighting their decision to embrace this new chapter fully.

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