“I’m going to be Mrs Mwenda ” – Rich businessman takes Akothee out on a date

Musician Esther Akothee and real estate mogul Mwenda Thuranira enjoyed lunch together.

In a video shared on Insta Stories, Akothee and Thuranira engaged in some light-hearted banter, with Thuranira joking that he would be Akothee’s “eighth” boyfriend.

Akothee responded in jest, saying:

“Guys, meet Mwendwa the eighth, so I’m going to be Mrs Mwenda. No, Thuranira the eighth.”

Akothee and Thuranira

Is there budding romance between Akothee and Mwenda?

Despite the playful banter, the duo clarified that their meeting was centred around business matters.

“We are just having a business lunch meeting on a Saturday. I know most of you will say it is a Saturday but for business people we don’t have weekends. We are just at work and right now, Mwenda. He is telling me there are a lot of properties in Migori right now. So follow him on social media,” Akothee added.

Thuranira, who is married to Venessa Magiri, revealed Akothee had appreciated his expertise in real estate, calling him “the most brilliant real estate mind” she knows.

“Mwenda, you’re the most brilliant real estate mind I know around. That is why I will always come back when it comes to matters properties.”

Thuranira also posted about their meeting on Instagram, expressing his admiration for Akothee and highlighting the importance of strategic partnerships for business growth.

“Always great catching up and engaging with my great friend and one of my long-time clients, Madam Boss herself @akotheekenya. A strategic partnership is key to ensuring continuous growth,” he added.

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