Pastor Ezekiel Odero warns people against celebrating birthdays

Renowned Pastor Ezekiel Odero of the New Life Church and Prayer Centre, has warned people against celebrating their birthdays before making major accomplishments in life.

The cleric noted that the only time someone should celebrate a birthday is after recording tangible achievements and not every other year when there is no significant achievement to one’s name.

A video captured during a sermon at the cleric’s church shows the preacher warning people that birthday celebrations should not be a yearly ritual as many have turned it to be.

“Do not celebrate your birthday if you have done nothing. Wait until you have achieved something, then we can celebrate your birthday,” Pastor Odero stated.

Using his own experience, Pastor Odero explained that he has never celebrated his birthday, noting that he will never do so in his lifetime.

He added that the next generation would be the ones to celebrate when he dies provided he lives a life with significant impact to others and notable achievements.

To drive his point home, Odero made a comparison on the life and death of Jesus Christ

“That is why we celebrate the birth and the death of Jesus Christ. Have you ever heard me celebrating my birthday? You won’t hear me. Those who will come after me will be the ones to decide whether I lived a great life worth celebrating or not. There is no soldier who celebrates his birthday because, in the wilderness, there is a real fight,” Pastor Odero told the congregation.

Pastor Ezekiel weighs in on pastors celebrating birthdays

With a lot of souls to win over, and with a busy schedule, the preacher wondered how some pastors still find time to celebrate their birthdays.

“I always ask myself, where do pastors find time to celebrate their birthdays?” He added.

Pastor Odero who founded the New Life Church and Prayer Centre based in Mavueni, Kilifi County with branches spread across the country has had a dramatic year.

Pastor Ezekiel Odero

The cleric recently questioned the actions of the police when they abruptly interrupted his crusade in Kilifi, dispersing the large crowd that had gathered for the event.

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