“Usimwulize bwanako mahali ametoka” – Popular pastor tells Kenyan women

Elizabeth Mokoro, a Seventh-Day Adventist preacher, has counseled women to confront their husbands for being tardy home.

Mokoro suggested that it was impolite and disrespectful for wives to chastise their husbands for arriving home late in a widely circulated TikTok message.

Mokoro says that instead of asking the spouse where the husband is from, one should ask the children or the wife’s brothers.

The pastor, who was gaining a sizable following for her marriage and relationship advice, questioned where wives got the idea to chastise their husbands for staying late at work.

“Don’t ask a man where are you coming from. That one, you ask your brother or child – not your husband. Where do you get the guts to stand and say, “hii ni saa ngapi unakuja? Hutanifanya kama watchaman wa kukufungulia kila wakati unakuja,” said Mokoro.

Hundreds of her followers supported the pastor’s message, warning women against pointing out their husbands’ faults and failures.

Pastor Mokoro on marriage

Outspoken Seventh-Day Adventist Pastor Elizabeth Mokoro has advised young women to consider marriage at 21 years old.

Mokoro said that parents should understand that their children are grown-ups and they should let them go and handle their lives.

“Some parents have 30, 40-year-olds in their homes because you are scared, let them go. These are young men who can’t handle marriage, you are afraid because you think you did not parent,” she said.

Pastor Mokoro on marriage
Pastor Mokoro on marriage

She noted that at 21, a lady should be able to know how to manage a home, cook for the family, and constantly do her calculations right.

“When girls reach 28 years of age, they begin to panic, they are worried if they will ever get married. So what they get is a man either their age or slightly older by one or two years,” she said.

“Those guys won’t stay married, it takes the Grace of God for them to stay. And many of them do a year or two and they call it quit.”

Mokoro added that women were created to think better, intellectually they are way too far from men.

“A woman at 21 is so marriageable, she will get to 23 and feel like she has dated you for so long because you are not proposing to her.”

The pastor also advised men against marrying women who are older than them, as they might not head anywhere.

“I tell you when things get tough that’s when you will know that you are the child in that marriage.”

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