“Kuja na mamako tufanye DNA test” – Pastor Ng’ang’a tells viral woman claiming to be his daughter

After a woman posing as his daughter went viral on social media, Apostle James Maina Ng’ang’a has spoken out.

According to Naomi Wangari Maina, she is Pastor Ng’ang’a’s firstborn child.

After Wangari asked Kenyans for financial assistance so that she could buy medicine for her son, who has leukemia, a blood cancer, she went viral.

A segment of Kenyans questioned why the girl’s alleged wealthy father, apostle Ng’ang’a, could not assist her in response to her cry for assistance, sparking a heated debate on social media.

In an interview with Tuko, Wangari discussed her upbringing and her experiences with her father, claiming to have discovered him as an adult.

She explained that while her father was being perceived as rich, the child in need of help was not his.

Wangari, who dropped out of school at Standard 8 for lack of fees, went on to narrate how she was fond of listening to her father on TV without knowing she was his daughter.

Wangari also revealed that she had been attending his father’s crusades without knowing that it was him.

All along, Wangari says she knew the man who raised her together with her mother as her dad.

Her aunt would however reveal the well-kept secret to her, even though she did not reveal to her who her father was.

As fate would have it, Wangari says Apostle Ng’ang’a would later look for her after staging a crusade in Kinagop, an area where she was raised.

“One day he called me saying that he is called James Ng’ang’a and if I knew Neno Evangelism. But I hung up the call because I could not believe it,” she narrated.

But Apostle Ng’ang’a called again, she claims.

“He said he was given my number by my uncle, on hearing my uncle’s, mother and grandfather’s name being mentioned, I started connecting the dots,” she said.

Wangari said that she confronted her mother with the new developments including details of her phone call with Apostle Ng’ang’a but she brushed it off.

She explained that days later, they planned for a meeting with the dad during which he confirmed to her that he was her father.

But in a rejoinder, Pastor Ng’ang’a has slammed her and demanded a DNA test to validate the claims.

“I have so many kids and if you want me to accept you, even if your mother had died. I have seen her all over complaining. Bring your mother so that we can do DNA first. Don’t try to put me in the media,” Pastor Ng’ang’a fired back.

Ng’ang’a at the same time noted that whoever claims to be his child should accord him fatherly respect.

“If I am your father, one day you should have brought me a coat or shoes. There was a day she was at my house and she did not bring even a kilogram of sugar. What you plant is what you harvest.”

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