DJ Mo: My househelp is trained teacher with Diploma

DJ Mo shocked many after admitting to them having three nannies.

This he shared during an interview with Oga Obinna.

According to the decorated spin-master shared that each of their nannies has their role hence no conflict of interest

“We have three house helps. Kuna wa house chores, kuna wa watoto, ni teacher na ni wao specifically. Our house help ako mpaka na diploma, ni mwalimu. Ni mwalimu wao lakini bado ni house help. Hafanyi kitu nyingine. Na kuna wa kuja daily, (There is one for house chores and one specifically for the kids, who is also their teacher, she does not do anything, and there is one who comes daily),” he added.

He also talked about how much of a great role Size 8’s late mum played in ensuring the ‘Mateke’ hitmaker ended up as his wife.

Before she announced officially that she had gotten saved I went to her home.

I had 150k for her dowry and I had struggled to raise that.

Nlikua nimefika mwisho , Ungenikata singetoka damu, hata ungeniinamisha singetola kitu.

One person who helped me have Linet as my wife is her late mum.”

DJ Mo added

“By the time she released her song ‘Mateke’ she had already gotten. At that time we had already gotten saved.

She was still living in South B, while I was in Githurai 44.

The couple is among the most sought-after and has featured in different ambassadorial deals.

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