“Nitarudi soko after 3 months” – Amos Rono says after being given 3-day vacation to Mombasa

Following his fiancée Nelly Chepkoech’s cancellation of their wedding a few hours before the big day, 30-year-old Amos Rono has become the talk of social media.

Nelly wrote to the church on Saturday at the last minute to ask for more time to consider whether or not she wanted to marry Rono, leading to the abrupt cancellation of the much-anticipated wedding.

She was seeing another man, it was later revealed, which is why she called off the wedding.

Rono has since cut ties with Nelly and moved on.

He went to Bonfire Adventures – a local tour company- with his new girlfriend.

They were given a vacation of 3 nights in Mombasa.

Speaking to Simon Kabu, Amos noted that he was ready to move on after the big disappointment.

“I have come back to my senses and I am continuing to see something positive which is coming to my life in the near future,” he said.


“In the 3 or 4 months time, I will be coming back to the market again to search for my rib which God has prepared for me.”

Amos Rono speaks on break-up

Amos Rono said the wedding was set to take place but it didn’t because the bride said she had somebody else somewhere.

With a broken heart, Rono has said he has set Nelly Chebet free and wishes her all the best in her endeavours.

“Nimemuacha na roho safi. I have finally set her free with one heart. I forgive her even if it turns out that she said it without meaning it. I have left her and may she prosper in all her other plans,” Rono said.

Amos Rono finally speaks on cancelled wedding, tells bride to move on with her other lover
Amos Rono finally speaks on cancelled wedding, tells bride to move on with her other lover

Rono further said nothing had gone wrong between him and Chebet while they were together.

He said despite the bride coming at the last minute and calling for the cancellation of the wedding, he was grateful to her father.

“She was to become my wife and her father was also certain that the wedding would take place. I appreciate that he never had any doubt,” he said.

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