Unaniharibia ndoa! Wambo Ashley angered by Carrol Sonie after flirting with her husband

Carrol Sonie, a content creator, was embroiled in controversy after a prank video with the Kioko family surprised his wife, Wambo Ashley.

The prank involved Carrol and Kioko revealing their past relationship, accusing them of hiding their past.

The video was posted on June 5, and Carrol and Kioko claimed they had known each other for a long time and were best friends.

“Unataka kuniambia hata hiyo story ya Coast? Wee na wewe umemficha vitu mob. Kwani unafeel guilty? Ni kama kuna kitu hutaki ajue,” Carol said, suggesting that Kioko had kept many secrets from Wambo.

Wambo was visibly shocked but tried to remain calm. However, tensions escalated when Carrol began flirting with Kioko, trying to demonstrate their close bond.

Wambo, clearly upset, asked why Kioko’s supposed best friend knew his favourite food while she did not.

“Mmeniboo… kwanza mniamabie hizo stories. Mnanibeba aje? Ati Carol anajua favorite food yako na si bibi yako. Mi hata hujai niambia she was a best friend to you,” she exclaimed.

The situation worsened when Carrol and Wambo disagreed over Kioko’s favorite color. Wambo said it was white, but Carol and Kioko insisted it was blue.

Nicholas Kioko's wife angered by Carrol Sonie after flirting with him
Nicholas Kioko’s wife angered by Carrol Sonie after flirting with him

Additionally, Carrol mentioned that she had gifted Kioko some shoes and questioned why he wasn’t wearing them anymore. This led to Wambo becoming visibly angry and storming out of the interview.

Kioko was forced to chase after his wife to explain that it was just a prank. However, Ashley couldn’t understand why they had to prank her, especially since she doesn’t engage in such content.

She felt that the prank went too far and crossed a line.

“Umekuja kuniharibia ndoa… Kwanza wewe ni public figure. Wewe ni red flag,” she retorted, expressing her frustration and disappointment.

Carrol Sonie, who has a child with comedian Mulamwah and is currently happy in a new relationship after their breakup, found herself in a challenging position.

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