“I died and resurrected when I was young” – Simple Boy opens up on his resurrection

"mimi nikiwa mtoto mdogo nilikua nimegonjeka sana sana hadi nikafariki"

According to Stephen Otieno Adera, also known as Steve Simple Boy, he briefly passed away when he was very ill before reviving.

In an interview with YouTuber Trudy Kitui, the rapper talked candidly about his amazing resurrection.

Simple Boy talked about dying and rising again when Trudy questioned him about how his upbringing had affected his mental health.

Eventually, the YouTuber said, she sought answers directly from Simple Boy during her interview, since her fans had been asking her that question for a while.

“Wanaulizanga comment section, naona watu wanauliza ata wengine wanasema ‘Trudy ushawai ulize Stevo hii swali?’nasahau saa leo nimekumbuka. Labda ile environment ulikua unaishi ukiwa mdogo ama ukigrow up iliaffect mental issue yako?” Trudy asked Simple Boy.

Stivo Simple Boy
Stivo Simple Boy

The rapper said when he was young he got very sick and died before God restored his life.

“Ok, jambo la kwanza mimi nikiwa mtoto mdogo nilikua nimegonjeka sana sana hadi nikafariki. Hadi nkafariki by the way. Kupitia neema zake Mungu akanirejeshea uhai tena,” he said.

Simple Boy added that his mother took him to the hospital where he died after attempts to revive him failed. He only reckoned that it was the grace of God that brought him back to life.

“Mama yangu mzazi alikua amenipeleka hospitali sasa akagive up wakasema ah ah huyu ameshaenda. So nkadungwa mashindano, nkapatiwa madawa hazikua zinafanya kazi. Yani ile kupitia uwepo wa Mungu nkarudi back,” he said.

Stivo Simple Boy
Stivo Simple Boy

Asked if his resurrection affected his mental health, Stevo Simple Boy couldn’t agree more with the interviewer.

“So from there that is how you got maybe affected [mental health] ama kuna pia after there kuna vile tena life ilikua…? Trudy asked.

“Ni hio tu nilikua affected na hio,” Stevo Simple Boy responded.

Stevo Simple Boy was born and raised in abject poverty and has struggled to break free of destitution even after he became a celebrity.

In an interview with Diana Marua in 2022, Simple Boy revealed that he was a slow learner and struggled in school.

He studied in Homa Bay county from nursery to class seven and sat for the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) examination in Kibera, Nairobi.

“Nlikua ule mtoto special. Kuna wale watu ambaye hawashiki vitu haraka, nlikua mmoja wao. Nlisoma nursery mbaka class 7 nkarudi Nairobi nkafanya darasa la nane,” he said.

The Kibera-raised rapper didn’t join high school to pursue secondary education after he sat for KCPE. He started doing menial jobs to survive in the slums.

Simple Boy disclosed that he worked as a construction worker, a security guard and a waiter in a hotel where he was paid Ksh100 a day.

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