“My family members never attended my wedding because I married my sister’s ex-boyfriend”

Marrying the person you believe is the love of your life should be a joyous occasion but what is there was someone close to you who also had feelings for your future husband?

Now, imagine that person is your own sister — that’s going to be awkward!

One woman took to Reddit’s “r/TrueOffMyChest” to share her story, revealing how her marriage is being impacted by her sister’s selfish revelation.

The woman says her sister had a crush on her husband in college and is mad at her sister for being with him.

In the original post on Reddit, the woman shared that her husband and her sister went to college together.

“She had a crush on him since day one. He was all she talked about. They became part of a very close group of friends and that same year she invited him and her friends to spend boxing day with my family.”

On the same night, the guy and the woman hooked up, however, the woman felt bad as she knew her sister had a crush on the guy.

Over the years, the two met occasionally but didn’t advance their relationship.

She wrote, “My sister eventually moved on. She met her husband and she got married last summer.”

The woman met the guy again at the wedding as her sister had invited all her college friends and the two eventually began dating.

After a year of dating, the guy proposed to the woman, and when her sister found out, she didn’t take it well.

“My sister is happily married and she just had her baby. Still, she told me she hated me and never wanted anything to do with me,” the woman wrote.

None of her family members came to her wedding

While the woman didn’t tell the whole story of her having an affair with her sister’s former crush, all family members showed the same feelings as her sister.

“I lied to them. I told them that we met at my sister’s wedding and we hit it off,” the woman wrote. “I never told them how I’ve been in love with him for almost a decade and that we have met at least once a year since that Christmas and they’ve been the best days of my life.”

As the woman was going to get married soon, she wanted her family members to be there for her big day, however, it seemed like none of her family members were willing to come.

“I still sent invitations to my family but nobody showed up. Only my friends and my [husband’s] family,” the woman wrote.

Some family members thought the woman was betraying her sister.

The woman mentioned that since her sister had been quite vocal about her crush throughout the years, their mother and other sisters had known about it.

The woman wrote, “Also they were really shocked and felt that I betrayed my sister and hurt her feelings because he’s an old crush and we don’t date each other’s crushes let alone marry them.”

Her sister had been having a rough patch with her own husband as he didn’t like how she reacted to the whole situation.

As a result, the family blamed the woman and thought she was the cause of that.

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