Actress Sandra Dacha reveals the reason WHY she only dates slim men

Kenyan actress Sandra Dacha discussed her dating preferences and thoughts on dating certain Kenyan celebrities in an interview with Dr Ofweneke on TV 47.

She playfully ruled out comedians Dr Ofweneke and Mejja as potential romantic partners, citing Mejja’s bigger body size as a deterrent.

“Never! Sasa uko na tumbo na niko na tumbo, tutafanya nini? I love it slim, tall, dark, and not so handsome. Nikupeleke wapi ukiwa handsome? I cannot date Ofweneke or Mejja.

“I can’t date him you know dawa ya ballon ni sindano. He’s big. I don’t like thick men. Nataka tu mtu slim alafu anakaa tu hivi hivi. Si handsome,” she jokingly remarked.

Sandra Dacha
Sandra Dacha

When questioned about her relationship with fellow comedian Akuku Danger, Dacha evaded a direct response, fueling speculation about their status.

Although she avoided confirming their current relationship status, host Dr Ofweneke speculated that they might still be together based on Dacha’s reluctance to address the question.

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