Jackie Matubia finally unveils new bae after break-up with Lungaho

At last, Kenyan actress Jackie Matubia has identified Maurice Kiv, the digital manager, as her partner.

This occurs just two days after she attempted to mislead internet users by having them conduct a thorough search for her new partner. Less than a week ago, Jackie soft-launched her new boyfriend online.

The mother of two posted a video of herself swimming on Instagram Stories. A short while later, a handsome, bearded man approaches her eagerly and tries to appear in the video.

She leans in his direction, and he gives her a cheek kiss while she beams widely.

Jackie can’t stop smiling! She looks like a smitten teenager all happy and in love. She turns for a second to look at her man before turning back to smile at the camera while Nyashinski’s ‘Perfect Design’ plays in the background.

However, the thespian made sure to hide her man’s identity. Mr. New Catch is all covered up with an avatar of a smiling Jackie and love hearts.

A day after showing off a mystery man while hanging out in a pool, Jackie Matubia went online to claim it was a joke.

This was after netizens promised to go searching for his identity.

Now it seems she is tired of hiding and wanted to beat the sleuths at their game so she unveiled her alleged new man while attending Bahati’s videographer’s wedding ceremony.

Jackie who promised to “keep clapping for others until it is my turn,” took to her Instagram stories to show off her date, digital manager Maurice Kiv.

New man innit!” started off the mother of 2 as she went on to tag Maurice’s Instagram handle.

Jackie Matubia finally unveils new bae after break-up with Lungaho
Jackie Matubia finally unveils new bae after break-up with Lungaho

In the video she posted on her Instagram stories, she and Maurice seemed to have a good time as Maurice planted a kiss on her cheek with Jackie smiling broadly all while Otile Brown and Sanaipei Tande’s ‘Chaguo La Moyo’ played in the background.

“Leteni (bring your) wedding venue suggestions and your most convenient dates,” Jackie followed up on her earlier post.

She went on to share another video of the two of them slowly dancing happily as they lightly caressed each other.

“Does he hold you like this?” The mother of 2 asked her followers cheekily.

But here is the thing I quickly noticed, Maurice has hair, a clean shave but he has hair… the guy in the swimming pool was completely bald and he appeared more buff as compared to Maurice so someone is playing games here.

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