Stevo Simple Boy openly declares interest in Fridah Kajala

Kenyan rapper Stevo Simple Boy has openly expressed his romantic interest in the well-known Bongo movie actress Fridah Kajala.

Interestingly, Frida Kajala was previously in a relationship with the celebrated Tanzanian musician Harmonize, adding a layer of intrigue to Stevo Simple Boy’s pursuit.

The vijana ‘Tuache Mihadarati’ hitmaker went further by making this declaration in his recent Instagram post. He openly expressed his desire to buy a piece of land for her right here in Kenya.

According to the up-and-coming artist based in Kibera, he had recently come into some funds and wanted to surprise Frida Kajala with this extravagant gift pleasantly.

“Nimepata kitu kidogo nataka nichukulie @kajalafrida shamba @kikombanihomes” wrote Simple Boy.

In fact, the rapper shared a picture of the curvaceous Tanzanian actress Frida Kajala along with a clip from one of his songs in which he can be heard directly requesting her phone number.

“Unapenda dem unanunua maua, kesho kesho huyo ndio anakuua. Nimechoka sana nipe number ya Kajala…” The lyrics of the song say.

While Stevo Simple Boy’s intentions regarding the land purchase remain uncertain, online users have responded with skepticism, suggesting that he might not have the means to afford such a gift.

One follower even asserted that this could be a publicity stunt, a common practice among some Kenyan celebrities seeking attention and visibility.

Stevo Simple Boy’s recent expression of interest in Frida Kajala comes shortly after he publicly introduced his girlfriend, Wanja Kihii, to the world. In mid-August, the rapper proudly introduced the beauty queen as his new romantic partner.

During this announcement, Wanja Kihii shared her affection, declaring Stevo Simple Boy as the love of her life and expressing her readiness to build a life together with him. She also hinted at their future together, mentioning their eventual vows and the prospect of living as husband and wife.

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