“Phil is so cute” – 42-year-old DJ Pierra Makena opens up on dating 23-year-old man

DJ Pierra Makena has refuted rumors that she is in a romantic relationship with Creative Phil, a 23-year-old makeup artist.

The 42-year-old clarified the situation on her Instagram page and asked followers to stop spreading rumors about their relationship.

“Okay okay okay…..I need y’all to calm down. Stop cooking your own stories. Y’all might put me in trouble with the verified. Then y’all also giving me ideas… maybe I should date one of these youngsters,” Makena started.

While responding to some blogs, she expressed frustrations with the gossip and urged people to seek the truth instead of assuming.

“But anyway Daniel and your friends take a deep breath next time ask me, and I’ll tell you who and his details, no need to lie to Kenyans. Wah!!! Honestly, if Phill can make us trend, so if you know the real deal the country will stop,” Makena wrote.

Last year, the two sparked dating rumours fueled by cosy photos of them together.

The speculation reached a peak when they were spotted in wedding attire, leading many to believe they had tied the knot.

42-year-old DJ Pierra Makena opens up on dating 23-year-old man
42-year-old DJ Pierra Makena opens up on dating 23-year-old man

In an interview, Phil confirmed their relationship by affectionately referring to Pierra as his “babe.”

However, Makena came out to clarify the situation rubbishing claims of their involvement. She revealed that their romantic displays were part of a marketing strategy to promote Phil’s bridal shop, which he was launching at the time.

“He is my boy, he is one of those people who, if right now Phil calls me I would show up, if I call him, he will show up we are that kind of friends. I support his businesses, he supports my work and when he was opening that bridal shop I was like what do we need to do to bring traffic to your shop? I was like let’s do a content that will trend and then bring attention to that and it did and he’s selling very well,” she said in an interview.

Pierra refuted misconceptions about her wealth and stated that she is not as wealthy as some believe.

She clarified that she and Phil are close friends, and if they were the same age, she might have been interested in romantic relationships. Pierra appreciated the bond she shares with Phil.

“Phil is so cute and if I was his age, an age younger than him I would definitely be running after him but right now I like my men grown,” she declared.

DJ Pierra on her age difference with alleged new boo

After Pierra and Phil launched their relationship online a local blog house took to Instagram to give insights on the relationship.

The online blog had posted photos and a video of the rumoured couple and captioned it, “41-year-old Pierra Makena sparks dating rumours with 23-year-old make-up artist, Creative Phil.”

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A move that seemed to rub off Pierra the wrong way. The celebrated DJ replied to the post sarcastically clearly pressed by the fact that the blog page had brought their age difference to the limelight and the sheer fact that the two haven’t yet publicly announced that they’re officially dating although several hints have been dropped.

“Mumama to the world!!! Mama wa G-Wagon!! @creative Phil, which car would you like for valentines toto? #rolling on the floor.”

42-year-old DJ Pierra Makena opens up on dating 23-year-old man
42-year-old DJ Pierra Makena opens up on dating 23-year-old man

The mother of one mockingly wrote accompanying the text with several laughing and fire emojis.

And on cue, the 23-year-old celebrity makeup artist responded to Pierra’s comment with the same energy.

“Pierra Makena Official, my love I would love a TX J150 fully fitted,” wrote Phil adding two love heart emojis to his post.

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