“Kama hauna pesa kaaa home” – Willy Paul advises ladies to work for their money

In the wake of yet another horrific case of gender-based violence, controversial award-winning artist Willy Paul offers some sensible advice for women.

The ‘Toto’ hitmaker is advising women to focus on earning an honest living because taking short cuts has proven to be more dangerous than people want to acknowledge. She is also advising them not to leave their homes for events or other activities if they don’t have a certain amount of money that might help them out if things go wrong.

The recording and performing musician also cautioned people not to allow social media pressure get to them and make them crawl on their knees for validation, as that is regrettably how young people are losing their lives, in a lengthy post shared on his social media accounts.

“Women sio lazima form, kama hauna pesa kaaa home! Avoid hawa marafiki wakona gari ety we’re picking you up.,

(these parties are not a must, if you don’t have money just stay at home. Also, avoid friends who are always luring you out in the guise that they will pick and drop you back just because they drive,)” started off Pozze.

He went on to add that contrary to popularly beliefs, shortcuts are never an easy way out and more times than less will lead to your downfall or even worse, loss of life.

“Social media pressure isikuue please. Go out there and hustle the right way. Hii mambo ya shortcuts ndio itamake life yako short. It’s never too late to start afresh,” the last of his words of encouragement read.

This loosely translates to;

(Please don’t let social media pressure kill you. Go out there and hustle the right way. This whole thing about chasing shortcuts is what will cut your lives short.

It’s never too late to start afresh.)”

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