Pastor, wife, daughter walk naked in public to imitate Adam and Eve

A video showing a man believed to be a pastor from Uganda, his wife and their daughter walking without clothes in public for allegedly following in the footsteps of Adam and Eve has emerged online and caused a lot of emotions.

A Twitter user identified as @EricJimmyLevi shared the candid video on his page on Monday, which has left netizens reacting with hilarious comments while others question the family’s mental health.

The video, which has gone viral, shows some people in the community gathered to mock the pastor, his wife and their daughter, but that was not enough to make them reverse their decision.

Pastor, wife, and daughter walk totally naked in public to imitate Adam and Eve

Some Ugandans on Twitter have called for the arrest of the man of God.

“Innocent child, catch the shepherd and the wife now!” @withAlvin wrote. Another user said that the mentioned man of God must have misunderstood the Holy Bible, so he was able to convince his family to start this mission which causes them to be constantly ridiculed.

“Even Jesus himself used to wear clothes. He had a dress!”Which Bible is the pastor actually reading,” the Twitter user wrote.

Meanwhile, one other Twitter user has a different opinion than the other users. He saw nothing wrong with what the priest and his family had done.

“But this guy was right if the reason for doing this was true, sometimes you have to do the impossible to change the world,” @starworldwonder wrote.

Several stories of pastors having brainwashed their families and church members to engage in activities that are damaging to them and sometimes fatal have been recorded.

Currently, in Kenya, no fewer than 403 bodies of members of pastor Paul Mackenzie’s Good News International Church have been retrieved after 12 more bodies were exhumed on Monday from a land called Shakahola forest. The man of God has been accused of operating a cult and misleading his followers except his family members to embark on a 40-day fasting to die and meet Jesus because the world was coming to an end.

It is suspected that the victims might have been either strangled to death or died out of hunger. Some of their bodies were buried in mass graves while others were buried in single graves.

Mackenzie is currently in the custody of the Eastern African country assisting with investigations.

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