Karim Mandonga Beaten Again In Uganda By Boxer Golola

Tanzanian boxer Karim Mandonga, also known as Mandonga Mtu Kazi, has recently overcome a number of difficult obstacles and suffered two straight defeats in crucial boxing fights.

The most recent loss was suffered at the hands of Moses Golola of Uganda, who won a Technical Knock Out (KOT) match on July 29 in Mwanza, Tanzania.

Mandonga and Moses Golola entered the ring for what was sure to be an exciting boxing battle.

The atmosphere was charged with excitement as fans eagerly watched the Tanzanian boxer face off against the seasoned Ugandan fighter.

Unfortunately for Mandonga, the bout did not go as planned.

Despite putting up a spirited fight, he was outperformed by Golola, who eventually knocked him out in the third round, securing a convincing victory in the Technical Knock Out.

Just a week earlier, on Saturday, July 22, Mandonga experienced another significant setback when he squared off against Kenyan boxer Daniel Wanyonyi.

The match garnered considerable attention as the two East African fighters clashed in the ring.

However, Wanyonyi proved to be a formidable opponent, and Mandonga was defeated after an intense contest.

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