Akothee reunites with her Ex Nelly Oaks during daughter’s event

Esther Akoth, a businesswoman and singer who goes by the stage name Akothee, surprised everyone by attending the inauguration of her daughter’s company alongside her ex-boyfriend and manager Nelly Oaks.

A few friends, business associates, and celebrities attended the Saturday business launch of Akothee’s firstborn daughter in order to support the endeavor.

The Abebo hitmaker, who was her biggest supporter, was leading by example and urging her daughter to go beyond her comfort zone.

Vesha Okello received a congratulations letter from the singer before to the launch for making every effort to guarantee her future.

“TAUGHT MY KIDS WELL BE YOUR OWN BOSS 😜 My children my greatest wealth & my greatest achievement. Behold the new CEO in town

“Can’t wait for the unveiling tomorrow. I just travelled back to witness my daughter win,” Akothee shared ahead of the launch.

Vesha also put up a poster of her new venture saying : “To new beginnings, @chateau254 can’t wait to see how our journey unfolds 🥂🥂🥂,”.

The launch of Chateau 254 Cellar & Gastro Club which is a Wine, Beer & Spirits Store was graced by a number of celebrities.

Among them Betty Kyallo, Dr Ofweneke, Phoina Tosha, Sean Andrew, actress Jacky Vike aka Awinja, Actress Wilbroda, Eddie Butita, Mwende Macharia, JB Juura, Sadia, Sandra Dacha, Cebbie Koks, Rue Baby, Karen Nyamu, Pinky Ghelani, GK Serkal among others.

Just the other day, Akothee made it clear that Nelly Oaks will always be part of her family despite them ending their romantic relationship.

Akothee profusely thanked Nelly for the role he’d played in her career.

“Yes, today we celebrate Dr Hezekiah Nelson Oyugi H.N.OA very humble being. Thank you very much for the part you played in my entire life and my career 💪 it’s only the two of us who knows how we got The brand where it is

Thank you very much for being there when the world looked like blood inside the darkness. Thank you for wiping my tears, standing with me when baby daddies ganged up against me in Switzerland 😭😭😭, that was UGLY 🙏 You stood by Me 🙏,” part of her lengthy caption read.

She added; “You are still in the hearts and in the minds of my children, you created a bond with them and still take care of them in that Toxic Nairobi 💪 you are family 🙏. For those who don’t know, we share a strong family background & that nothing can break us,”.

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