Kitale woman rescues street boy, takes him back to school

The government is taking intentional action to address the scourge of the growing number of street families in Kenya through the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection.

These families are widespread in urban areas, and the majority of the time, young people with promising futures become victims of broken households, cases of indiscipline, poverty, and other social problems.

The government has so far established the Street Families Rehabilitation Trust Fund (SFRTF), whose purpose is to coordinate rehabilitation efforts, carry out public education, mobilize resources, generate money for, and accept donations for rehabilitating these families.

In addition to government initiatives, a number of well-wishers have stepped up to assist in rehabilitating young people off the streets by sponsoring their education, transporting them to rehabilitation facilities, or connecting them with other resources.

A kind-hearted Kitale woman was shown in a recent viral TikTok video congratulating a little kid, telling him that he was black, handsome, and had all the physical qualities necessary to succeed in male modeling and even become Mr Kenya in the future.

Although she could not conceal her affection for the youngster, the woman, who went by the name Martha Waithera, was devastated to see such a bright young guy in his late teens withering away in the streets.

“Hebu simama watu waone vile wewe ni mhandsome, inafaa ukuwe Mr Kenya na saa hii unataka streets zikuharibu. (Come over, let people see how handsome you are. You deserve to be Mr Kenya but now you are risking being wasted in these streets),” a concerned Waithera said.

The boy, Nicholas Lucky Sabila, who was begging for money to buy lunch told the lady that he had been in the streets from 2021 after leaving their Endebess home.


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Concerned by his situation, she asked him what he needed done so that he could get out of the streets and proposed to return him to school.

She had initially wanted to give him KSh 100 lunch in exchange for the glue the boy was sniffing.

However, the boy disclosed that he had completed his primary education and wanted to study deejaying so that he could begin fending for himself.

Waithera was stunned after the boy told her the deejaying academy that he desired to be trained in and read the trainer’s number which he had crammed to the astonishment of Waithera.

Coincidentally or by God’s plan, Waithera knew the deejaying trainer who happened to be her friend and her daughter’s trainer.

She went ahead to call the Deejay and while describing the boy and the need at hand, the trainer confirmed that he knew him, saying his passion was undoubted.

“Go ahead and enroll him. Let us see how consistent he is so that we can proceed with offering more help. For now, as you train him, urge him to get away from the streets to redeem his future,” she told the trainer identified Tell Deejay Sancho of Scratch Dice DJ Academy.

She offered to pay for Lucky’s deejaying classes and lunch, urging Sancho to offer consistent apprenticeship to him.

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