Abel Mutua’s late brother Rapho laid to rest in their rural home

Actor and scriptwriter Abel Mutua’s younger brother, Raphael Mbuvi Musyoka aka Rapho, was laid to rest in their rural home in Ukambani.

The 23-year-old was buried in a ceremony attended by family members and friends.

Mutua and his brother Jesse announced Rapho’s death, and Mutua promised to share his brother’s story to help those struggling with similar issues.

“Thank you so much Wakurugenzi for the love that you’re sending our way. A good number of you know the truth and you have stood with us since my brother became ill. I’ll tell Rapho’s story because I know it’ll save someone and his death won’t be in vain. See you after the burial,” Mutua shared on Twitter.

Jesse, also known as Luku Baridi, has denied assaulting his late brother multiple times.

He admitted to physically striking his younger brother in 2020, arm-twisting their father while trying to prevent their brother from using drugs.

Jesse’s actions were part of a discipline process, not a violent act.

“I want to unconditionally admit kuwa I went Physical on my kid Bro on several occasions that’s absolutely true and that here’s the other side of the coin,” Jesse said in part.

Jesse sought to put everything into perspective by addressing the controversy surrounding the death of their younger brother.

“I knew one day I was gonna trend but never in my wildest dreams did it occur to me that would happen such a time I’m mourning the loss of my brother as being the reason why he’s no more, I know it’s bad timing but for my peace of Mind I want to address just one aspect that has been leveled against me as an individual which was violence towards my brother,” he said in part.

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